Rattan Mirrors So Stunning You Won’t Even Notice Your Reflection

Rattan is having a real renaissance. The woven look is quickly taking over our homes, whether it’s banneton, kitchenware, or decor. For your kitchen, the rattan banneton will be the best friend for your homemade bread and the coasters would make your drink more “natural”.

We also have gorgeous rattan mirrors and love the look—it’s a perfect way to incorporate rattan into your home without committing to a larger piece. We rounded up some of our favorite finds that’ll add natural texture and some bohemian flair to your space. It’ll brighten any space in your house, whether it’s over your bed, above a dresser, or even in your entryway. 

Bring the sun to your room:

or a little fancy flower:

Or the combine one "SUN FLOWER": 

The cute animal mirrors for your kids would be a perfect decoration idea: 

Or a Wild style with natural grass mirror :