Handwoven Seagrass Rug

Handwoven Seagrass Rug

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A beautiful handmade woven seagrass rug made in Vietnam.
Multipurpose: Creative and Unique rug
L: 60 cm, W: 35 cm
- Water resistant
- Fast drying, Low maintenance
- Natural Fiber, Eco Friendly

Ensure dirt and dust stays outside your home using a natural seagrass doormat. Providing a light weight, low maintenance solution to keeping your floors clean and debris free, this mat is easy to clean and dries quickly ensuring constant protection from dirty shoes entering your house.

It is perfect for any stoop, porch, patio or sheltered entryway. An eco-friendly, natural alternative to synthetic doormats, seagrass and jute blend is strong, sustainable and beautifully complements any space. Highly effective at scraping away dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, this doomat keeps your floors clean and rid of excess moisture. Free from chemicals, seagrass repels dirt, dust and stains. Use this mat on dry, covered surfaces to prevent slippage. This standard sized mat is made in Vietnam and features a classic basketweave pattern that flawlessly accompanies any style home. For daily maintenance, shake out loose dirt from mat.Made of natural seagrass.

HANDMADE, ECO FRIENDLY - 100% Handwoven from Sustainably Grown Seaweed by local artisan in Vietnam with love and care. The color is nature yellow, no painting, no chemical. If the item you received is more green, that is because we use season new seagrass, but it will slowly turn to yellow especially when long time under sunshine.

► 100% Renewable Material
100% Handcrafted. Seagrass is commonly used in furniture and handicrafts, and is woven like rattan. Each one of these hand woven seagrass belly baskets are made with love and care. We guarantee to use the seagrass from commercial planting to make baskets without damaging the environment.

► Flexible
The round seagrass belly basket is easily foldable to move anywhere (picnic, travel...)

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