Bread proofing basket: Your Unique Bread is on air!

  •  Here are tips for using the bread proofing basket:

Each basket has a moisture absorber between the basket and the fabric, please remove the layer of fabric to remove it before use.

  • Use with linen:

- After tightly shaping the dough, sprinkle dry flour on the pretty dough, put the smooth dough in the basket.

- After proofing enough time, gently turn the basket upside down on baking tray to take the dough out. If your dough has high % hydrate, it may stick to the fabric the first time you use it. Don't worry, gently remove the fabric from the basket, spray water onto the sticky part, the fabric will easily separate from the dough.

- After using, please shaking the entire basket with cloth several times to drop excess Keep in dry places.

  • Use directly rattan basket without the linen:

- After tightly shaping the dough, sprinkle dry flour and evenly all over the basket before gently placing the dough in.

- This way the dough may stick onto the basket if you don't cover it well by flour, but you will create beautiful lines on your bread.

- Use a small brush to scrape off excess flour and store in a dry place.

I usually wait for the oven to cool down (around 70-80oC) and put the whole basket in the oven, this allows the basket to dry and eliminates the possibility of getting moldy.

Follow Coucou Bamboo to make a bread. We made our unique one and now it 's your turn. You can choose any size of banneton bread baskets for kicking your experiment.

Sourdough Bread

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