Interesting Kitchen Corner

  • Best banneton bread proofing baskets - How to choose the right size

    Although your bread is unique, you need to know what size of your final product, I mean your bread, would be (in size) ... Because of this, you must assure that the dough quantity aligns with the size of the banneton basket.
  • Banana muffin

    Sometimes, you suddenly find some ripped bananas, hmm…you consider what to do with: smoothie, pancake, or if too ripped, throw away? Oh wait, let’s try our banana muffin receipt

    I am sure that you won't be able to resist the delicious fragrance and spongy texture of the cake.

  • Bread proofing basket: Your Unique Bread is on air!

    Here are tips for using the bread proofing basket: 

    Each basket has a moisture absorber between the basket and the fabric, please remove the layer of fabric to remove it before use.



  • Your bread is unique

    Did you know that each person forms a different yeast because the microbes are different? So each yeast that the baker mixes into the dough instead...